“The Véloniños debut album is out now and you’re going to want a copy. “Red Diesel Medicine” would rip up any dance floor with some fiery Carl Perkins-style riffing. The Véloniños are masters at work.” — The Daily Record

“This collection transported me to a different time and place (in this instance mid-50’s USA) […] so when Véloniños tell me ‘I’m an Alabama man, born and bred’ I’m happy to go along with it, on the condition they keep on singing it at me.” — UK Rock‘n’Roll Magazine

“Davie Duncan’s vocals are both tough and tender, and Laurie Cuffe’s lead guitar lines mostly ardent, occasionally angular (especially when he throws angular Marc Ribot shapes on “Hey Véloniño!”). The whole thing is anchored beautifully by the savvy rhythm section of Kenny McLellan on second guitar and Shug Jamieson’s big bass.” — R2 Rock‘n’Reel Magazine

“A rip roaring and bountiful album, Véloniños have played their hearts out to make this a very splendid piece of music history.” — Liverpool Sound and Vision

“There’s something surreal about listening to a band sing about being from Alabama when they’re from Glasgow. The thing is, if you didn’t know they weren’t from the southern US, you would go along with it, even praise it as great rockabilly. And geographical origins aside, it is simply great Americana music.” — 24OurMusic

“It’s always party time when the Véloniños are in the neighbourhood! Lovers of rockabilly, roots and country music will definitely find something they like on the album.” — ROOTSTIME

“Leading track “Hey Véloniño!” has a Latin feel, but on tunes like “Alabamaman” and “Levengrove Park” they deliver 100% fine American roots music with a distinct fifties scent. “Bully For You!” throws in the rockabilly sound we all do love so much. Authentic sounds that truly hits your speakers is something we all love and makes us dance in no time.” — BillyBop

“For aficionado’s of the Americana scene, the Véloniños album’s a true classic, but that being said its appeal should cover the full spectrum with its blues, rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll and just downright quality listening pleasure pedigree.” — Ralph’s Life Indie Music Blog

“It’s an eclectic mix of up-tempo well produced rockabilly and roots infused sonic delights. But, there are a couple of ballads on here that for me are the standout tracks. Delivered with a heartfelt sincerity that can sometimes be lost in a studio setting. Véloniños are a class act.” — Hellacious Harmonies

“The Véloniños have delivered an album that is hard to pigeon hole. It’s diverse, strong, very rewarding and will grow on you. It’s good, in fact it’s very good. Highly recommended!” – Reviews by Slam