Muchas Gracias, Rock Therapy Radio!

A huge thanks to Chema Valbuena at Rock Therapy Radio for playing “Bully For You!” and “Mad Cat Dynamo” during their “The Lost Refuge” show on Monday night. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Our digital EP which includes “Bully For You!” and “Mad Cat Dynamo” is available now to download from our website at

Loosehandlebars’ Best of 2014!

Thank you Danny for including the Véloniños in your Best of 2014 list on the Loosehandlebars blog!

“A mate of mine, Shug, is pretty much the go-to bassman in the west of Scotland for bands of a certain flavour. For months I was bumping into him on my street every Sunday afternoon. His guardedness about where he’d been pricked my suspicions enough for me to stop asking. Finally, on a drive home from watching him play with David Ritchie’s Debris Rose, Shug came clean: “I’ve been rehearsing with Davie, Laurie and Kenny and we’ve got a gig coming up.” Davie and Kenny are two-thirds of eighties reeferbilly rebels The Shakin’ Pyramids and Laurie is the guitar hero from Cuban Heels.

I bought tickets and got more than my money’s worth. Véloniños won’t remain unsigned for long. In this clip, three quarters of the band give an acoustic taster. Wait till you hear them when Laurie’s got his tremoloed Gretsch plugged in.”

Via Loosehandlebars