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Véloniños – Download



This is the self-titled album from the Véloniños, released in February 2016, featuring all six tracks from their previously released digital EP and four brand new tracks “Red Diesel Medicine”, “Preacherman”, “These Quiet Lands” and “Hillbilly Girl”.

The Véloniños were described as “masters at work” by The Daily Record in a glowing review of the album which also complimented the fiery Carl Perkins style riffing of “Red Diesel Medicine”.

The album features the band’s signature song “Hey Véloniño!”, their tribute to Le Tour de France and all the cyclists taking part, and “Alabamaman” which was play-listed by BBC Radio Scotland in April 2016.

Rooted in Americana, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country and Rockabilly the music is inspired by the likes of Hank Williams, Gene Vincent and The Everlys, but the band say, “we’d like to think there’s a little of who we are and where we come from in the songs too, “Levengrove Park”, “Helenstown” and “These Quiet Lands” are all relevant to where we live and we hope you’ll enjoy this album for what it is: a no nonsense rockin’ record in all it’s different guises.”

Available to download in high quality (320kbps) MP3 and lossless FLAC formats.


Alabamaman £0.60 MP3 FLAC
Red Diesel Medicine £0.60 MP3 FLAC
Helenstown £0.60 MP3 FLAC
Hey Véloniño! £0.60 MP3 FLAC
Levengrove Park £0.60 MP3 FLAC
Mad Cat Dynamo £0.60 MP3 FLAC
Preacherman £0.60 MP3 FLAC
Bully For You! £0.60 MP3 FLAC
These Quiet Lands £0.60 MP3 FLAC
Hillbilly Girl £0.60 MP3 FLAC
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