“Mad Cat Dynamo” on ALL FM Breakfast Show!

Thanks to Jason at ALL FM 96.9 for playing “Mad Cat Dynamo” on Friday morning’s “Breakfast of Champions”!

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“Red Diesel Medicine” on TD1 Radio!

Thank you Donald at TD1 Radio for playing “Red Diesel Medicine” on Monday’s “Lunchtime Review”!

Listen to the show again on Mixcloud and be sure to tune in to Donald’s “Lunchtime Review” on TD1 Radio every Monday to Thursday from noon at

“Red Diesel Medicine” on Shakin’ Katz Radio!

Just caught up with Wednesday’s show from Shakin’ Katz Radio, thank you for playing “Red Diesel Medicine”. Some great comments from Amber and John afterwards as well, we’re really happy to hear you’re enjoying the album!

CDs now available in Japan!

on-the-hill-records-logoOur CD is now available in Japan through On The Hill Records.


Buy your copy at

Ralph’s Life Indie Music Blog reviews the Veloninos!

RER001CD-product-01Thank you Ralph at Ralph’s Life Indie Music Blog for sharing your thoughts on the album!

“For aficionado’s of the Americana scene, the Véloniños album’s a true classic, but that being said its appeal should cover the full spectrum with its blues, rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll and just downright quality listening pleasure pedigree.”

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Hellacious Harmonies reviews the Veloninos!

RER001CD-product-01Thank you Johnny at Hellacious Harmonies for sharing your thoughts on the album!

“It’s an eclectic mix of up-tempo well produced rockabilly and roots infused sonic delights. But, there are a couple of ballads on here that for me are thee standout tracks. Delivered with a heartfelt sincerity that can sometimes be lost in a studio setting. Véloniños are a class act.”

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Veloninos on Rock Therapy Radio!

Thank you Chema for playing “Mad Cat Dynamo” and “Bully For You!” during Tuesday’s “The Lost Refuge” on Rock Therapy Radio. Be sure to tune into “The Lost Refuge” every week day from 6pm (Spain time) for great rockabilly music!

The CDs have arrived!

RER001CD-photo-10You’ll be pleased to hear the CDs have arrived and now they’ll start making their way to you!

Available from Monday 1st February 2016, the CD features all six tracks from our previously released digital EP and four brand new tracks “Red Diesel Medicine”, “Preacherman”, “These Quiet Lands” and “Hillbilly Girl”.

If you haven’t already, you can preview the tracks and pre-order your copy direct from us at